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Cosmic Symphony

Life is always dynamic, it has an ability to look within itself, invoke its potential and by the faculty of reason demonstrate it. Through a cycling movement between inner and outer, on the macroscopic as well on the microscopic scale, life creates spiral patterns from Galaxies to atoms.

The dynamic motor of duality propels all from day to night, from hot to cold, from sleep to awake and back again, like a pendulum - the tick and tock of existence. Vibrations big and small expand and withdraw, making circles within circles which fill the Universe with a resonant sound - the cosmic symphony!

From the great cosmic cycles to the infinitesimal small oscillations of the sub-atomic particles, nothing stands still but forever flows, pervaded by the one great sound of creation - OM.

OM represents the whole, the completeness of creation, the full circle. Everyliving thingcan feel it within its own being, thus empowering itself to see the divine everywhere and understand the great cycle from subjective to objective and back.

Christian Bodhi