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The No Theory Theory


All theories are subsets of the No Theory Theory

The No Theory Theory states that existence as a whole is unknowable.

This implicates that what we call the Universe can never be figured out.

Only phenomenal realms are knowable, to a degree, within their ring-pass-not.

If one succeeds in going beyond a particular ring-pass-not, one will perceive a new subtler phenomenal realm with its own ring-pass-not.

The realm which contains all phenomenal realms we call Existence.

Existence demonstrates its potentiality through infinite number of phenomenal realms.

Existence in its essence is without form, colour or attribute, hence is beyond description, but it can be experienced and is identical to the Self.

All phenomenal realms strive to fully experience its source, the Self, Existence itself.

Truth can be known only through experience the thought knows it not in itself, but it might lead to an experience.

The Self, therefore, is beyond theory.