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Love, Desire and Survival

Why would any material dynamic system, like biological, want to survive? Elements of the system like atoms and other particles are surviving for eternity as indestructible matter and energy. What difference makes to these elements if they would be in a form of an animal or dust when they are already eternal?

If a system wants to survive then there must be something implicit in that system or an outside force which seeks to achieve or express itself and preserve the RELATIONSHIP of the elements as an instrument or a vehicle.But any external force would have again to be driven by its implicit or internal drive for self-expression and achievement. Therefore we have no choice but to conclude that the driving force behind struggle for survival and evolution is a desire for self-expression.

What is the nature of this desire? I believe it is Love a sense of unity. Even if I hate and desire to hurt somebody I believe that I could find fulfilment in doing so I foolishly believe that I can find some greater unity through such dreadful act.So you see all desires are a quest for satisfaction and they do spring from Love. Love is the ultimate satisfaction in itself and for itself.

The Universe, therefore, is a desire in action, a dream born in Love which is eternally playful.

We are that Love in a form of a self-conscious Man.