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How to Create a New World

We are all wizards, we all have magic power. Merlin the Magician or Harry Potter is who we all are. We are created in the image of God or Universe and we have the power of creation. God is love and that is the power we have - our love turns the world around. The way we use this cosmic power of love determines the world we create.

The present problems of the world are the result of our misuse of the power of love. So, it is not that we don't have love, we are just misusing it.

Humanity, especially after the rise of globalisation, has invested too much of its love, enthusiasm, hope and passion into something that has neither reality nor value on its own - money. The divine power has been prostituted, wasted and now we reap the results.

We have created a monster. We are foolish magicians who are trapped into our own short-sighted, un-intelligent magical art, which now consumes other forms of love and wants to devour all. There is only one way to defeat this monster, this global thought-form, and that is to stop feeding it with our love.

The only way forward for humanity, according to the esoteric or psychological law, is to shift this investment of love, passion, enthusiasm and hope from money towards the real values.

This shift has to be gradual and as it progresses, the society would spontaneously change to accommodate the new approach. Without any revolution and huge crisis it is possible to create a new world which would be again borne of love just as the last one, but this time love would be well invested.

The first step in this process would be to become aware how much love, enthusiasm, passion and emotion we invest in the concept of money and start to question the rationality of this investment. The rest would follow naturally.

Many people would ask how would the new world work, how should it be called? But it is wrong to try to entirely define something new with the knowledge of the past. Only a new consciousness can understand it, hence one has to have trust in the method and allow the future to unfold and bring the fruits of a properly invested love, of a good and wise magic.

You are the magician, we are all the magicians. We are the creators of our own destiny and this world. It all depends where we invest our power of love. This is the Law of which all sages, saints and yogis talk and the time has come when humanity must realise that it is love that runs the world, not money, and start appreciating love more and money less.