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Discipline of Desire

Something that majority of humanity still does want to learn is the discipline of desire. Desire can have four levels of intensity or grossness: - nourishing experience - satisfaction or fulfilment - consumption - devouring ... In principle one should not go beyond satisfaction.

At present, the human civilisation as a whole is at the consumption/devouring level, which is one of the main reasons why it is in crisis and why it is self-destructive. Desire is not always right, good nor it should be always followed. A balanced control of desire is a required practice on all spiritual paths, which have an aim to elevate man from a mindless animal to an emancipated and free human being. 

It is interesting that consumption and devouring bring only a fleeting satisfaction which is immediately followed by more thirst. 

The wisdom of handling desire is not something that the current politicians, business leaders and other elite subscribe to. The only self-control they are interested is the one which brings profit and power. This creates for them an illusion of freedom, for they are unaware that they are slaves and puppets of a blind desire which cares neither about them nor about the world. 

Like a forest fire, so the raw desire has no discernment, it is a force in nature, yet humanity still has not realised this. The same energy which makes criminals can also create geniuses and saints. 

Life force or desire requires wisdom to guide it. The founders of all religions were teaching this, yet it seems this is the last thing people want to hear. An old proverb goes:

It is easier to conquer the whole world than oneself.