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A New Hope

We are witnessing a growing global unrest and disillusionment with the mechanical and reductive way of life, which disempowers human being on so many levels. Almost everywhere there are cries for a greater democracy. Behind this movement, even if only on an unconscious level, there is an urge to live a greater spiritual life, free from the mind-numbing ideologies and fears about physical existence.

Human civilisation has achieved the level of material development that can provide for everyone, but the old mindset holds us back; hence the real focus is on the transformation of consciousness. A new consciousness can see the world differently and realise things which were not conceived before. The impossible becomes real and the dried-out rivers of human life become regenerated by the inflow of new creative waves. All the things, that the materialistic world today clings to, may finally appear as impermanent, as illusory - it is an awaking from a dream that has lost its charm. A brave look through the window of a newly acquired perception will reveal a beautiful day.

Christian Bodhi