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Desire, Ego, Reason and Love

What are the driving forces which make man act? They are desire, ego, reason and love. All four have their right place in the scheme of things. However, when desire and the ego principle are no longer guided by reason and love but try to dominate, then suffering and inequality is an inevitable consequence.

This is what is happening in the world today and the only real transformation can come through invocation of reason and love, which can put in check desire and the ego principle and balance the equation. Not just few, but everybody needs to be fully aware of the devastating effect which unrestrained and uncultivated desire and ego make on individuals as well as society.

It is the job of education, media and spiritual/religious organisations to teach and inspire people how to develop reason and love within - this has always been their primary calling, but many have forgotten.

An individual alone can win this battle within, but the numbers also matter – it is important that the great number of people come to this realisation in order to make a difference in the world.

Christian Bodhi



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